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Unlock Your Mind


Unlocking your mind is the key to everything you want to achieve -- personally, socially and professionally.

This training is about getting rid of self-limiting beliefs and thought patterns that hold you back and stifle your personal and professional fulfilment. The general theme is of going from blocking your mind to unlocking your mind.


I start by explaining how self-limiting and negative beliefs tend to arise. They can come from yourself and negative experiences (especially in childhood), from other people (insults, criticism and infectious negativity) and from the media and cultural narratives that undermine self-belief and ambition.


In each case, I present effective ways to counter these negative influences so you can start to unlock the great power of your own mind and imagination.

I talk about the principle of positive doing (it's like 'positive thinking' except you actually get things done). Also, for the cynics in the room, I address the practical limitations we all have to live with (no-one can run a mile in a minute) but explain why these shouldn't stop people aiming high, thinking big, being ambitious and achieving great things.

Practical Business Benefits


Main Benefits

  • Learn how self-limiting beliefs arise and how to overcome them forever, which leads to less stress and a greater sense of self-regard, confidence and purpose.

  • Know how to protect yourself from sources of negativity that can hold you back.

  • In your business life, learn how to balance high aims and ambitious goals with a realistic outlook that acknowledges some practical limit. There's nothing admirable about being ambitious if you're searching for a four-sided triangle.

Related Benefits

  • It's fun and entertaining! This training involves a lot of magical touches, intriguing demonstrations and amazing moments! It's a very enjoyable blend of entertainment and training unlike anything you've ever seen before.

  • This training is tremendously helpful in terms of both personal and professional development. Everyone can benefit from gaining a happier and most positive, ambitious outlook on life.

  • This material is good for both physical and emotional health. Many factors in life can undermine your confidence and lead to self-doubt, which in turn can take its toll on your physical and mental health. This training may not give you all the answers but it will help.

Usual Presentation And Duration

I usually teach this material to corporate groups, for example at conference or on staff training days.

To do the subject justice, I need a minimum of two hours.

Of all the trainings I offer, this is the one that involves the most 'entertaining' elements. I use series of magical moments and fascinating, practical demonstrations to show that just because you may think something is impossible doesn't mean it actually is impossible — very often, the limitation only exists in your mind.


I can also teach this material to private clients on a one-to-one basis, in person or online.

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