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Online / Virtual Training

I provide online training sessions and can take part in 'virtual' conferences anywhere in the world.

Please note that I do not take part in online events and conferences from home. I use an independent TV and online broadcast facility offering a rock-solid internet connection and broadcast quality picture and sound. (Producer details: Stuart Turner, DMI Productions, Ashford in Middlesex).

Broadband connection: via a private 100mb leased fibre line.

Cameras: Up to two cameras, feeding into the stream system via a Blackmagic four channel switcher. I can integrate PowerPoint slides, photos and video clips.

Audio: via Sony shotgun mic; Sony wired, and Sennheiser radio lapel mics, fed through an external sound desk.

Lighting: a 3 point set up with LED key and fill panels, tungsten backlight, and then additional lighting for the set if needed.

Background: either a real set (plain white wall or branded to suit client/event) or green screen.

Power: UPS power back-up, and a 4G router for a back-up connection.

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