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Cold Reading For Business


How to apply cold reading psychology to business situations, such as sales, management and negotiation.

I know it sounds a little unlikely at first but this is actually a very pragmatic course. It's basically an amazing, eye-opening and transformative lesson in advanced communication psychology that you can apply to just about any work or business situation.



For this course, I teach the material in my 'Cold Reading For Business' book.

The training revolves around the four principle parts of CRFB:
Define / Empathise / State / Advance.

'Define' is about how you prepare for meetings and clarify, in your own mind, what you want to achieve. This section focuses on Context, Role and Intention.

'Empathise' is about understanding the people you meet and fast ways to assess their drives and motivations. This section focuses on a shortcut known as HWS: 'Health, Wealth And Spirit'.

'State' is about how to make statements that foster confidence, rapport and trust. What most people find intriguing and fascinating is that these statements can never be wrong. It's true: you can go through the rest of your life, making a statement about anything, to anyone, and never be wrong!

'Advance' is about how you link the 'State' part to the overall purpose of the meeting and align it with your goals.

Practical Business Benefits


Main Benefits

  • Learn how to build rapport and establish trust and confidence in 30 seconds or less.

  • Gain a truly profound understanding of persuasive communication psychology.

  • Develop the skills to sell, negotiate and present your case in a relaxed yet confident and powerful way.

Related Benefits

  • Studying CRFB will help you to both think and speak more clearly.

  • It's also good for stress relief! You will never again feel nervous or anxious whenever you need to build rapport, make a good impression, sell or negotiate.

  • This is a fun, enjoyable subject. People enjoy all the 'hands on / practical' parts of the training.

Usual Presentation And Duration

I usually teach this material to corporate groups, for example at conference or on staff training days.

The usual format is one working day divided into four sessions, e.g. six hours in all but with mid-morning, lunch and mid-afternoon breaks.

There is plenty of interaction and participation. There are no observers. All attendees get to practise on one another throughout the training.

I can also teach this material to private clients on a one-to-one basis, in person or online.



I am not teaching business people how to pretend to be psychic or to give psychic readings. It's about taking some of the communication psychology used in 'cold reading' and applying it to business contexts.

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