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My Books: Kindle


I do not currently offer my books in Kindle form.

Here's why not.

Some time ago, I paid an agency quite a bit of money to prepare Kindle versions of my books. At the time, there were two incompatible Kindle formats: 'mobi' and 'ePub'. Amazon said I had to use the 'mobi' format, so I did.

In 2023, Amazon changed their mind and gradually phased out support for the 'mobi' format altogether, telling me and other authors to use the 'ePub' format instead. As you can imagine, I found this really helpful. (Yes, I'm being sarcastic.) 

If I wanted to make my books available in Kindle form, I'd have to go to the time, trouble and expense of getting them all converted to the ePub format. I don't currently feel inclined to do this. If anyone out there wants to do this conversion for me for free, then I'd love to hear from you:

- Ian

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