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I don't have a fixed rate card because no two training requirements are ever quite the same. What I prefer to do is talk to you, discuss exactly what I can do for you and what sort of contribution I can make, and then agree a figure with you.

In very broad, general terms, for corporate and conference engagements I charge £1500 - £4000.

For personal, one-to-one training, I charge £950 per day for meetings in person at any mutually agreed venue or meeting room. Venue hire is a separate cost that you cover. If we meet within Greater London, I don't charge for travel. Outside of Greater London, you cover my travel at cost price.

For online training via Zoom or similar, I charge  £100 per session. A 'session' lasts not less than one hour and typically about 80 or 90 minutes, depending on how much time you have and how much fun we're having.

The exception is the 'Magic And Mentalism' training, for which I charge the rates stated on that page.

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