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Creative Problem Solving


Six creative yet practical ways to solve problems — even seemingly 'impossible' ones.


This course revolves around six problem-solving strategies that create the acronym 'FAB PIG':

  • Framing

  • Assumptions

  • Backwards thinking

  • Plastic thinking

  • Impossible bridges

  • Group think (good and bad)

In each of the six sections, I present original problems and puzzles for attendees to work on. I also tell real-life business stories that illustrate how these strategies helped companies to solve seemingly 'impossible' business problems and gain a significant market advantage.



Practical Business Benefits


Main Benefits

  • Anyone in business has to solve problems. Knowing really good and creative ways to tackle problems means fewer mistakes, less wasted time and greater efficiency. It also promotes a generally happier, more positive working atmosphere.

  • As I repeatedly demonstrate during the training, many companies have gained a significant advantage over their competitors by taking on tough problems and challenges and coming up with ingenious solutions.

  • Attendees can work on the puzzles and problems individually or in teams — so you can make this into an enjoyably 'competitive' training session if you want or use it for team-building purposes.

Related Benefits

  • It's fun. Most of the puzzles presented during this training have pleasantly surprising solutions that involve an 'Aha!' moment of understanding.

  • This is practical training that's good for personal and professional development. Who wouldn't benefit from being better at tackling problems, in business or in life generally?

  • It's therapeutic. When you feel relaxed and confident about your ability to solve problems, you suffer from less stress, worry and anxiety.

Usual Presentation And Duration

I usually teach this material to corporate groups, for example at conferences or on staff training days.

To do the subject justice, I need a minimum of 90 minutes but two hours would be better.

There is a high degree of active participation and attendees work on practical problems and assignments during the training.

I can also teach this material to private clients on a one-to-one basis, in person or online.

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