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Cold Reading


Cold Reading basically means 'how to talk to people so you sound psychic'.


Every year, millions of people go for some type of supposedly 'psychic' reading and came back saying, "It was amazing! She told me things she couldn't possibly have known!"

Cold reading is about how to do this. How to give someone a reading completely 'cold' (without any advance preparation or information).


I teach the material in my 'Super Psychic Readings' book (although in real life I personally call them 'personal' readings and never use the word 'psychic'.)

I will show you how to give any type of reading, to anyone, anywhere, without relying on stock lines. The reading can be based on literally any premise you want: tarot, astrology, palm, graphology (handwriting) or even talking to those who have 'passed over' to the other side.

The reading will be improvised and different every time. I demonstrate all the techniques and then you do the same. It's very 'hands on' and interactive.

Usual Presentation And Duration

I usually teach this material to one-on-one to individuals, in person on online. 

The usual format is four or five sessions, each lasting not less than one hour, over a period of about 8 to 10 weeks. There is practical homework to do between each session.

I can also present this material as a class lasting one working day.

I rarely get invited to present this material in the corporate sphere or for conferences, although it has happened. Some groups have an interest in the underlying communication psychology of personal readings and want to see how they can adapt it to other contexts.


This has nothing to do with 'reading people like a book' or analysing body language. If that's what you want, I recommend you study with my friend Chase Hughes, get his amazing book 'The Ellipsis Manual' and attend one of his classes. He's the expert.

For the corporate sector, I do offer 'Cold Reading For Business'.

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