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The Practical Persuasion Method


Exactly what it says on the tin: a practical way to be persuasive. It is unlike any 'persuasion' material you can find elsewhere, it is not just a re-hash of Cialdini and other books and I guarantee that it really works.


I start by outlining the three commonest 'myth-understandings' about persuasion.

I then present a new definition of persuasion that contains four key concepts, and elaborate on each of these four.

Having done this, I present a five-step persuasive process that you can apply to literally any situation in which you would like to be more persuasive.

I also address seemingly 'impossible' persuasive situations and how to deal with factors such as anger, fear and manipulative behaviour.

Practical Business Benefits


Main Benefits

  • Get past all the mythology and learn about what persuasion really is and how it works.

  • Learn a 100% practical persuasive method, involving five steps, that you can successfully apply in real life.

  • Enjoy the confidence that comes with knowing that, in any situation where you want to be persuasive, you know exactly how to plan, prepare and succeed.

Related Benefits

  • You can obviously apply the PPM to many business situations, such as selling, management and negotiation.

  • The PPM is a great time-saver and very good for your personal efficiency. You will never again waste time on supposedly 'persuasive' techniques that look fine in theory but don't actually work in real life. You will also learn to distinguish between situations where persuasion is possible and ones that are a lost cause (and they do exist).

  • It's good brain food. Learning the PPM is a good mental workout and it will transform how you think about your interactions with people.

Usual Presentation And Duration

I usually teach this material to corporate groups, for example at conference or on staff training days.

To do the subject justice, I need a minimum of two hours but half a day would be better. (If you want to fill one complete day, I can add supplementary material pertaining to persuasive psychology.)

There is a high degree of active participation and attendees work on practical problems and assignments during the training.

I can also teach this material to private clients on a one-to-one basis, in person or online.


This is not a summary or a re-hash of material you can find elsewhere, such as Cialdini's work. It is new and original material that I have not published in any form.

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