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Leadership, Presence And Charisma


Many people, especially those in senior management positions, want to develop personal qualities of leadership and charisma. In this training, I'll present a practical path to gaining these qualities once and for all.


To begin with, I explain exactly what we mean when we refer to qualities such as 'leadership' and 'presence'. The aim is to de-mystify these terms and outline what they mean in realistic, practical terms.

I then show how qualities of leadership and presence apply to four different aspects of how you interact with other people:

  • Pre-presence (things to do before you meet someone)

  • Silent presence (non-verbal communication)

  • Spoken presence (what you say, how you say it, vocalics and hypnotic language)

  • Practical presence (congruence of words and actions)

Practical Business Benefits

Main Benefits

  • You will understand what terms like 'leadership', 'presence' and 'charisma' actually mean in practical terms and how to develop these qualities in yourself and others.

  • Develop relaxed, bullet-proof confidence and the ability to not only lead other people but also to bring out the best in them.

  • Successful leadership is the key to many other types of business success, from heightened productivity (because there is clear focus and direction) to more successful selling and the development of good strategic partnerships (because people want to buy from you and work with you).

Related Benefits

  • This training is tremendously useful for both personal and professional development.

  • This is lively, interactive and participative training. There is plenty for attendees to join in with, respond to and try for themselves.

  • Many people, when they enjoy a promotion or take on new responsibilities, can feel a bit daunted. This training takes away this type of stress and enables people to bring out the best in themselves and in others.

Usual Presentation And Duration

I usually teach this material to corporate groups, for example at conference or on staff training days.

I need a minimum of 90 minutes but two hours would be better and the material can fill up to half a typical working day.


I can also teach this material to private clients on a one-to-one basis, in person or online.


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