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For Agents

I would be very happy to work with you.

Feel free to use any of the following information or just contact me and I'll provide whatever material you want from me that could help to secure a possible booking.

For every training or speaking opportunity, I prefer to work with you and the client to put together precisely what the client wants. I firmly believe that 'bespoke' is better than 'off-the-peg'.


Ian Rowland is a writer, speaker and trainer based in London.


His career as a professional freelance writer involved working in creative media, sales, marketing and IT, during which time he helped, as he puts it, 'Just about everyone to sell just about everything, from bicycles to cheese and tank turrets.'


As a speaker and trainer, Ian focuses mainly on specific skills that help people and companies to be more successful, such as influence and persuasion, creative problem-solving or just realising that your mind can do a lot more than you realise. However, he is also happy to devise bespoke presentations to suit the needs of a particular event, occasion or conference.


Ian has been self-employed for the past twenty years or so. As a speaker and trainer, he has been hired by Google, Coca-Cola, Hewlett-Packard, Unilever, The Crown Estate, The Ministry of Defence and the British Olympics team. He is also the only person from outside the United States ever hired to train FBI agents at their headquarters in Virginia.


Ian is also a member of the Inner Magic Circle, specialising in 'magic of the mind'. He sometimes adds touches of intriguing mystery to his presentations to add a bit of interest or uses magic as a metaphor to illustrate specific points.


Talks And Training With A Touch Of Magic

List Of Topics

As of Spring 2021:

  • The Practical Persuasion Method

  • Creative Problem Solving

  • Leadership, Presence And Charisma

  • Unlock Your Mind

  • Be A Genius!

  • Cold Reading

  • Cold Reading For Business

  • Magic And Mentalism

Preferred Introduction

"Ian Rowland is a writer, speaker and trainer from London who knows that nobody likes a long-winded introduction."


"Ian Rowland is a writer, trainer and speaker based in London. He has been a professional writer and communications consultant for the best part of 40 years.

Ian has worked professionally in creative media, TV production and the IT industry, and is also a former UK Sales & Marketing Manager for a global IT services company. For the past 20 years he has run his own business and his clients include the FBI, Google and Coca-Cola."



“My FBI Behavioural Analysis Program hired Ian to work with and train our team for a full day. He demonstrated and taught us a lot about cold reading and how we could apply it to our work as behavioural analysts.  Additionally, he also covered advanced communication skills, persuasive language and relevant insights into the art of ‘misdirection’. At the conclusion of his comprehensive seminar, he entertained our entire team and families with a mindreading show at an evening social. Not only was it great fun, but even today my team is still talking about it. I'd highly recommend Ian to anyone who's interested in these subjects and wants a first-class speaker and trainer.”
— Robin Dreeke, former Special Agent and Head of FBI Behavioural Analysis Program

“I regard Ian as a first-rate trainer and consultant. He has amazing material, he always delivers and he’s great to work with.”
— A. Sanghi, Lead Economist, World Bank Group


“Ian has a very engaging and energising style and he was thought-provoking and entertaining throughout. Most importantly, everyone said it was a great use of their time. Ian gave us plenty of ways to work smarter and be more effective both professionally and personally.”
— A. Mellor, Marks & Spencer

“Ian is the best speaker and trainer I’ve ever seen, and he hosted our day perfectly. We learned a lot, he was entertaining and I know we'll be more successful this year thanks to what he shared with us.”
— D. Holmes, Financial Director, Healthcare Learning


“We had some of the top experts around the globe in their field, but when we looked at how people were registering for the conference and what the attendees wanted, overwhelmingly we saw very large numbers signing up for Ian’s course, so much so that his class was the largest in the whole session that we had for those three days.”
— Chris Hadnagy, Organiser, Human Hacking Conference


“Of the hundred plus lectures and shows we have hosted at Caltech none have brought more enthusiastic praise than your performance. I have now heard from dozens of people in the audience, all of whom said this was one of the most entertaining, informative, and above all funny shows they had ever seen. You are to be congratulated for breathing so much life and class into the science and skeptics community.”
— Michael Shermer, Executive Director, Skeptics Society


“Ian's special talent lies in his ability to communicate useful information about self-improvement, business, psychology and, yes, magic to diverse audiences around the world. His books are essential reading and if you get the opportunity to hear him speak, don’t miss him! For those outside the world of magic and mindreading, let me tell you that Ian is very highly regarded in the trade. He even gets hired to go to major conventions and teach other magicians! When I was Editor of the Magic Circle's magazine, I asked Ian to write a column on mindreading, which he did for 12 years to great acclaim.”
— Matthew Field, Member of the Inner Magic Circle

“I’ve been an Independent Financial Advisor for 20 years and have learned from people like Dale Carnegie, Anthony Robbins, Jim Rohn and Brian Tracy. I now include Ian Rowland on that list. Having attended his courses and invested in some personal coaching with him, I cannot recommend him highly enough. His unique insights regarding positive persuasion and what makes people tick will prove invaluable in your personal and business life. He’s funny, engaging and a leader in his field.”
— Mike LeGassick, Leading Independent Financial Advisor, UK

“I make it my business to learn from experts. I spent four days with Ian and we covered a range of skills that I know will help me both personally and professionally — particularly inter-personal skills and ways to establish instant rapport with people. I think he’s terrific.”
— Sam Q., Entrepreneur, Saudi Arabia


“I’m a sales guy. I've studied all the big names and been trained by some of the best in the business. I trained with Ian via Skype and he just blew my mind with techniques and perspectives I never knew before. It's all practical. I use what Ian taught me almost every day. He opened my eyes to aspects of communication that truly deserve the term ‘magic’.”
— Michael Martin, Sales professional, USA

“I studied CRFB with Ian via Skype and without doubt it’s my best investment this year! Ian is an excellent teacher and working with him is very enjoyable. In addition, Ian is incredibly generous with his knowledge in many adjacent fields.
— Patrick Ehrich, Teacher and Educational Trainer, Germany

Also, see these testimonial videos:

Technical Details

I do not take part in online events from home. I use an independent TV and online broadcast facility, managed by a TV producer friend of mine, that means I can offer a rock-solid internet connection and broadcast quality picture and sound. (Producer details: Stuart Turner, DMI Productions, Ashford in Middlesex).

Broadband connection: via a private 100mb leased fibre line.

Cameras: Up to two cameras, feeding into the stream system via a Blackmagic four channel switcher.

Audio: via Sony shotgun mic; Sony wired, and Sennheiser radio lapel mics, fed through an external sound desk.

Lighting: a 3 point set up with LED key and fill panels, tungsten backlight, and then additional lighting for the set if needed.

Background: either a real set (plain white wall or branded to suit client/event) or green screen.

Power: UPS power back-up, and a 4G router for a back-up connection.


All available from this website, from or from Amazon.

'The Full Facts Book Of Cold Reading'

'Cold Reading For Business'

'Super Psychic Readings'

'How To Work For Yourself And Win'

'The Easy-ish Way To Lose Weight And Get Fit'

'The Easy-ish Way To Quit Smoking'

'The Easy-ish Way To Beat Alcohol Problems'

'The Moon Carrier' (poetry)



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