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Here it is: the book that has become an international publishing phenomenon! Now you can get it shipped to your door by first-class mail, anywhere in the world!

Since this remarkable book was first published in 1999, over 50,000 readers have bought it in more than 60 countries around the world. Critics praised it to the skies. The FBI liked it so much they asked me to go to America and train some of their agents. It's also the reason why I was asked to work with the British Olympics Team and the Ministry of Defence. Now you can learn all about the most persuasive communication psychology technique in the world – and how to use it in your personal, social and professional life!

This definitive yet easy-to-read guide describes how cold reading works in the psychic industry. Although the book focuses on how cold reading is used within the psychic industry, many cold reading principles have applications in other fields. This is a 'must read' book for anyone interested in communication psychology, belief and rapport.

Please do not ask me to sign the book for you. I use a print-on-demand service. I forward your order to them, they print the book and deliver it. I never see it, so I cannot sign it for you or dedicate it.

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"A superb book, relentlessly intelligent and fiercely methodical! Its pages systematically unravel every deceptive strategy of thinking and rhetoric in 'psychic' character reading" - Teller, of Penn & Teller

"The definitive work, and long overdue. Has many applications to mind magic, close-up, and any inter-active performance" - Derren Brown

"Ian Rowland has produced a product that, like a scalpel, can be used for good or for evil. I read it with increasing fascination. I saw revealed before me, for the first time, a truly scholarly approach to this rarely-handled subject. Ian's effort is clearly organized and very well printed and produced. Ian put a lot of work and inspiration into the work. I think that it will become the reference volume whenever the subject of 'reading' comes up" - James Randi

"A brilliant work worthy of all the praise it's received" - Darwin Ortiz

"Mr. Rowland I have recently bought your full facts of cold reading and would like to congratulate you on an amazing book. It is fantastically written and I learnt a lot from it. You also have a great sense of humour" - Vantonio

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In the Full Facts Book of Cold Reading, the list of Contents occupies four pages. It is not practical to print the entire table of contents here. However, this will give you a taste of what's between the covers. 

  • Defining terms - what is cold reading?
  • Defining terms - what is a psychic reading?
  • Popular misconceptions
  • The Set up (7 sections)
  • The Principal Themes (4 main and 3 secondary themes)
  • The Elements of the reading
  • Mainly about character (7 different techniques explained)
  • Mainly about facts and events (11 different techniques explained)
  • Extracting information (8 different techniques)
  • Mainly about the future (13 different techniques)
  • The Win-Win Game - how to be right when you're wrong (10 techniques)
  • Presentational Points
  • Putting it all together
    • The psychic toolbox
    • Almost improvising
    • Principal phases
  • Handling sceptics (4 different techniques)
  • Putting the theory to the test
  • Transcripts of the author's readings under 'test conditions'
    • Example 1: improvised tarot reading for Channel 4 TV
    • Example 2: astrological reading for BBC TV
  • Additional notes
  • Cold Reading For Business (A Short Overview)

- - -

The Full Facts Book Of Cold Reading (Kindle)

  • This is the Kindle version of 'The Full Facts Book Of Cold Reading' (7th edition). The file extension is .mobi

    You do NOT need a Kindle device to read this! You just need Kindle reader software. You can download this FREE (just Google for it) and it runs on just about any device.

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